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Southern California apologist Matthew Arnold, author and founder of the Catholic apologetics organization Pro Multis Media, has placed his apostolate under the patronage of Our Lady of Good Success, a little-known apparition of Mary to […]. This is a very good interview on an important book. The more important thing, of course, is to live the message of Fatima, which is one of prayer and penance for the conversion of poor sinners. Our Lady told Lucia at Fatima things would be clear in and the dogma of the faith would be lost :magisterial apostasy is clear for me.

When Our Lady at Fatima told Lucia that things would be clear in and so the Third Secret should be opened at that time, it was because in the Catholic Church had officially accepted that invisible cases of the baptism of desire BOD , baptism of blood BOB and being saved in invincible ignorance I. Leonard Feeney still not lifted,there was a theological opening for the new ecumenism,salvation for non Christians in their religion-defacto and the rejection of the Proclamation of the Social Reign of Christ the King with alleged known salvation outside the Church that had become practical exceptions to EENS.

Three Secrets of Fátima

This was the new theology based upon an objective error invisible baptism of desire is visible which within five years the magisterium would approve in the text of Vatican Council II. So may be at some future time in Portugal they will affirm EENS, as it was understood by the missionaries and magisterium of the 16th century. So what Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bertone had to officially state on Fatima has left many questions answered when we see how they have compromised the faith and did not correct the errors, in theology and doctrine, when they had the opportunity.

Perhaps on Fatima too they had to get the approval of the Vatican-Israel Commission and the synagogue of Satan which encourages this apostasy in the Church.

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Pope Benedict who told the Chief Rabbinate of Israel that Jews do not need to convert in the present times and Cardinal Bertone who assured the rabbinate in a letter of the belief of Catholics in Jesus without the necessity of being a member of the Catholic Church for salvation, were both doing in a subtle way what Pope Francis is doing openly today.

The deception was there at the Vatican even before At Fatima Our Lady was brief but in her messages to Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests she is elaborate. We can fill in the blanks while reading this book.

See a Problem?

Our Lady tells Fr. Even today after sending so many e-mails to Ladaria,Pozzo and Augustine di Noia they are not willing to say that there are two interpretations of Vatican Council II. One interpretation is rational and the other irrational. They are promoting the irrational version. That anything means anything. Nothing more. Our task whatever transpires is to patiently, and steadfastly witness to Christ. Highly technical and reveals much as to possible interpretations of the visions.

Needless to say that of itself is momentous. The development of Fatima conspiracy theories is unfortunately a consequence of Latin ultramontanism and hyper-orthodoxy. Symonds in this forum by way of an interview that would address this controversy. Sir, I want to ask a respectful question. I have read Mr. Chris, If only you left all the conspiracy theories aside and speak more of how we should just follow the message of Fatima by living what Our Lady asked for, you would be doing a greater service to God and Our Lady.

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  • Sister Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart put it in a nutshell. She said for us to abandon all these conspiracy theories and just live the message of Our Lady. Angelo, When you have written as many books and fought as many campaigns as Mr Ferrara, then — and only then — will you be in a position to criticise. Until then, probably best keep your snide and self-righteous remarks to yourself. Angelo was quoting from Sister Lucy. For you to accuse him of being snide, you simultaneously accuse Sister Lucy of the same. The history of the Church amply demonstrates that.

    Number 1. Number 2, there is good reason to distrust some of them. For merely one example, recent drug orgies within the Vatican come to mind. What happened to the people involved in those? Sister Lucia was told by the local bishop to write the third part of the secret, and it took her nearly three months to do so due to its gravity.

    Vatican officials decided not to reveal its contents for 40 years, and Sister Lucia is never permitted to publicly tell anyone what the third part of the secret consists of. Then in the year , we are told that the third part of the secret is nothing more than a vision of a pope and other Catholics being killed, as if persecution of a pope, clergy, and lay people were something so shocking and horrendous that Sister Lucia was unable to write it down for three months.

    The Revelation of One of the Most Controversial Events in Catholic History

    Thanks, DJR, for your apt and succinct analysis of the situation. Shame on us. Let us hear from Mr. Ferrara on this topic. According to who? I have not read the book, but the most I can understand from this interview is that the truth of the matter is unknown and unprovable either way from what information is currently available. In light of the Akita, Japan and Quito, Ecuador messages and what we see happening in the church nowadays fullfilling those messages, I am inclined to believe that there is more to the third secret than has been published.

    I find it difficult to believe that Sister Lucia did not send it to the Vatican under obedience to do so. It is enough reading the accounts of Akita apparitions to understand that something very important is lacking to the 3rd Secret as it was revealed in There are a LOT of people who doubt that what was revealed in was the third secret, not just Gruner et al. Its content was withheld too long for such an anticlamatic reveal. God bless you and yours and his work at your hands and may you all have a blessed Christmas season. To Francisco yes, you may tell him.

    First Secret of Fatima: Does Hell Exist? (Fatima 1)

    I noticed this remark in Mr. On the contrary, Mr Symonds revealed during the debate that he is not interested in the facts as opposed to explaining away the facts. For example, I confronted him repeatedly with the existence of an envelope containing a text pertaining to the Secret on which Msgr. Loris Capovilla, personal secretary to John XXIII, wrote his name, the name of the cardinals who had read its contents, and the dictation of Pope John that he would leave the contents to his successors to judge.

    That envelope was kept in a writing desk in the papal bed chamber called Barbarigo, was reopened by Paul VI, when Capovilla informed him of its location, and then resealed.

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    • That envelope has never been produced. Unable to explain its non-production during the debate, Mr. But it most certainly does exist, as confirmed in detail by Capovilla during a televised interview presented by none other than Cardinal Bertone, then Vatican Secretary of State, with Capovilla even specifying the exact drawer in the desk where it was kept. This is just one one of many examples I could cite, in an appropriate interview, of how Mr.

      The Fatima Prophecies of the Catholic Faith

      Symonds labors to explain away a mountain of evidence while refuting nothing. Furthermore, the fragment as published makes no sense: John Paul II could not have wanted to know the Secret in because had already read it—twice: in and evidently a separate text and also in That argument is nonsensical. The Pope read the Secret three years before the official account says he did, but the Vatican refuses to mention this. Draw your own conclusions.