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They finally kiss soon after when they go through a car wash and listen to music together… because nothing says romance like a car wash. As Annabel prepares for the upcoming fall fashion show at the mall though, she hears that another model—her former friend Emily who chose to side with Sophie in their fight —was assaulted by Sophie's boyfriend, Will Cash. This brings back the memory of Annabel's own rape by Will Cash, which happened over the summer and is at the root of her rift with Sophie. Annabel begins to feel terrible since she could have prevented Emily's rape by pressing charges.

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After the fashion show, Annabel goes to a music show that she promised Owen she'd go to, but is distracted and distraught by the news of Emily's rape. Owen's friend Rolly asks her to introduce him to her former best friend Clarke—whom she ditched for Sophie when they were kids. She sets up an introduction even though Clarke hates her and runs outside to her car, driving away without telling anyone. After that Annabel is alone again. Owen won't talk to her at school, and she feels utterly isolated. Right before Christmas break, Emily approaches Annabel in the library and asks her to come to Will Cash's trial to testify, since she knows that he raped Annabel as well.

Annabel cries in the library by herself and Clarke approaches her to ask if she's okay, and to tell her that Owen is worried about her. When Kristen comes home, she and Whitney tentatively strike up a relationship again even though Whitney was previously not talking to Kristen. They go to a literary reading where Whitney reads an essay about the time she broke her arm when she was eleven.

She finds out that Kristen's film for her college class was about the same thing, and they all go home to watch it. Annabel decides to go to the radio station to find Owen and explain herself to him. He's mad at her for not talking to him for months, but after she tells him everything about how she was raped, he is there to support her.

Plus I love R. This song always puts me in a good mood. And being able to put that on repeat, for the bad days when you really need to hear it. What can I say? I love Mandy Moore. Again, a great song about the power of radio. I was listening to a lot of Clash while I was working on this book.

I think Owen, the ultimate music snob, would approve.

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Ask me my favorite movie, or song, or TV show, and I freeze up, unable to commit to just one. I prefer to pick three. Or, ideally, five. But if I HAD to pick my favorite song of all time, and be bound to it forever, it would probably be this one. Beautifully written, beautifully played. Interesting fact: Story of My Life was my original title for this book. Not for this song, but for the phase itself, which comes up a bit in the novel.

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Which is kind of what like I do, now that I think about it. Put it on, wallow for a minute. When I was trying to think of the kind of music Owen played on his show, at least initially, this is the song that came to mind. Which would have been comical, if not horrifying. Still, you gotta love Motorhead. Credit where credit is due: my friends Courtney and Cameron turned me onto this song. I love the beginning, which is sort of whacked out very Owen-esque and also the lyrics. He was a bit ofa local legend then, and now, and I always loved this song.

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Like I said, I had Clash on the brain. Apr 08, Anton Antonov rated it did not like it. Not a book for the everyday person. I expected a simple and unobtrusive "self-help" book, instead I get the hostage negotiator's pocket guide. I like my books straight to the point without needlessly cliched stories. Jan 25, Leslie rated it it was amazing. I read this book in a few hours from my college online library. I just ordered a copy from amazon, this book has so much information that will help me in my personnel life and professional life. Looking forward to getting my copy!

I highly recommend. Jul 02, Bethany rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This book is excellent. A true how-to for emotional intelligence development. If everyone read this, and adopted its advice, the world would be a better place. And Mark is the first to call out the nut jobs that will abuse the techniques he shares. Recommended reading for anyone in a management position or wanting to be in a management position.

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Notes for me: Mirror feelings. We do This book is excellent. Steps in a crisis: 1. Name your emotion.

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But keep it in your head. Do not deny your feelings. Breathe deeply and with each exhale, let it go. Continue breathing. Start to think about damage control and making the best of the situation. Open your eyes and get shit done. Exhale and listen to the silence between breaths. Fill-in-the-blanks 1. Do over done differently 2. Why 3. Commitment 4. Accountable Power apology: remorse, restitution, rehabilitation, request forgiveness.

Six step pause 1. Physical awareness 2. Emotional awareness 3. Impulse awareness 4. Consequence awareness 5. Solution awareness 6. Benefit awareness Aug 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing.

One of those rare books I listen to and then buy a hard copy so I can reread sections. This really spoke to me, I appreciated the authors tone and ideas. Many of the examples he uses come from the business world, but then he would throw in these gem stories on interacting and listening better to teenagers. Wish I had learned these things 10 years ago One of those rare books I listen to and then buy a hard copy so I can reread sections.

Wish I had learned these things 10 years ago.

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Mar 25, Sarah added it. Did not finish. I've seen interviews with Goulston before, and there's nothing new here. However, I'm not rating this, because, if you haven't heard Goulston before, this may be a useful source for you. Mar 22, Melisa Harvey rated it did not like it. Listened to it while asleep.

Sep 25, Patama rated it it was amazing. There are several points made this book become one of my favorite book. How this book organized is so effective for learning. Always inroduce concepts with mini stories from the author's real life. This not only attracted the audience but also showed how he is real great communicator who care reader's think, for example from Sect I: chap 2 "..

Just ask. Just listen.

I got the point. Most poeple reading this book don't care about neurons and neurotransmitter.. Section 1 I would call the theorical rules - Chapter 1: Provide us the big picture of the persuasion cycle - not too wast time to discuss why this matter. Section 2 including chapter 3 to 12 which represent each of 9 practical rules My favorite chapter is 12 - dealing with toxic people.