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We have a dedicated site for Germany. Within the last 10 years the world has come to a point where the easily explorable oil deposits have now been found, and it is anticipated that such deposits will be depleted by the beginning of the Twenty-first Century. In this respect, heavy crude and tar sand oils are becoming important in fulfilling the world's energy requirements.

What are heavy crude and tar sand oils? There is still some confusion as to their definitions, inasmuch as they vary among organizations and countries.

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The porous media are sands, sandstone, and carbonate rocks. These oils will be characterized by viscosity and density. Viscosity will be used to define heavy crude oil and tar sand oil, and density oAPI will be used when viscosity measurements are not available. Heavy crude oil has a gas-free viscosity of mPa.

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Building on that success, we began testing polymer flooding in This enhanced oil recovery technique has proven to be much more effective than water flooding and as such, we converted more of the field to polymer flood. In late the Company added to its strategic position at this world class pool with the purchase of certain Pelican Lake assets.

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Polymer is a non-toxic chemical powder that we mix with water to create an injectable solution that has a viscosity similar to olive oil. The application of the polymer flood increases oil recovery since the thicker polymer solution improves sweep efficiency and reduces by-passed oil in the reservoir. Since converting from primary production to the polymer flood requires us to re-pressurize the reservoir with the polymer solution, the full response from the polymer flood is typically seen 9 to 24 months from injection.

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As in any water flood, optimizing water handling is key to the process — polymer flooding is no different. We have been operating in the area for more than 15 years and our staff has done a tremendous job adapting to new technology while minimizing our operating and capital costs.

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We are continually working on enhancements to the process to optimize our field operations. We are testing the polymer flood in regions with poor crude oil quality and continue to optimize the quantity and type of polymer we use.

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