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Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. The latest edition of this well organised and authoritative book provides a comprehensive account of the mechanics of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Covering the key areas including the properties of biomaterials, common measuring techniques and modelling, Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System, Third Edition also integrates historical aspects thus building a bridge between old and familiar knowledge and the latest developments in biomechanics.

As with the previous edition there are numerous applications and extensive questions and answers at the end of sections. Two distinguished researchers and teachers with an international reputation who have published numerous books and articles in the area of biomechanics. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Contributors. Biological Materials.

Boyd and B. Herzog and S.

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Thornton, C. Frank and N. Nigg and W. This short clip could provide a lovely introduction to a lesson on the structure and function of bones.

Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System , 3rd Edition

On the International Space Station, the astronauts are investigating the effect of microgravity on their bones. This is a great way to investigate how muscles work in antagonistic pair to move a limb, in this case a chicken wing. By carefully removing the skin, students should be able to identify the biceps and triceps. By pulling on each muscle in turn, they can see how the wing moves.

Biomechanics In Sport

Category: Biology. Dr Sandra Shefelbine's research looks at biomechanics from an engineering perspective.

The video is a good opportunity to show that engineering is a very broad field and to discuss the many types of careers in engineering. Category: Engineering. It provides a useful lik between science and design and technology.

This resource also has a profile of the engineering company which made the first bionic hand, which is useful to give students a broader view of the work which mechanical engineers can do. From strength to strength is a suite of experiments exploring the body's muscles, their function and what happens when you do exercise. There are four different investigations where students can explore their own skeletal muscles.

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They are intended for students aged , but could easily be adapted for a younger age group. Skeletal and muscular systems, including biomechanics Engineering is perhaps not what immediately springs to mind when looking at this topic, but an understanding of how the skeleton and muscles work is at the centre of much cutting edge research and development, from prosthetics to bionics and robotics.

Future Morph: Physiotherapist Category: Science This careers video can be used to introduce the topic and provide context to learning about the skeleton and muscles. External link. The Bionic Man A fascinating Channel 4 News clip which would make a great introduction to a lesson looking at the ethical and moral implications of bionics.